Vermeil in the gold season 2: What will happen next?release date

Fans are eagerly waiting for the announcement of the second season of Vermeil in Gold.The first anime season definitely raised the bar for the upcoming anime season.It seems that a secret organization operates under the maze of the platinum square, which aims to destroy the world.What’s more, the enemy is so powerful that Alto cannot face the lighter version of the former with all its power.He must train under the influence of higher level maze at the Academy to become the strongest maze in the world.The Savior of Vermeil’s responsibility will not demand anything less than that.But it may not be as simple as it seems.

The upcoming season will be a challenge for Alto in every respect.However, his training assembly will also become more intense, because Chris will train him next season.What’s more, the appearance of the character may also change in season 2, because Alto must strengthen to get physical strength.The only way that Alto can increase his magical strength is to coordinate his attacks with Alto as strongest.So The anime Daily came up with some information about the upcoming one to present some small details.Read more articles to get more information about the next season!

What can happen in Vermeil in the gold season 2?

Fans and media still do not know about the plot Vermeil in Gold Season 2. However, there are many theories of speculations based on the manga and cliff from the first season.But there is a chance that Lolite and his colleagues will come out in the second season of the anime.The organization that operated in the shade must come out to fulfill its destiny to destroy the world.However, students also began to receive a special training from teachers to prepare for such attacks.So things will not be easy for this suspicious organization, because challenges can become more brutal.

The best way for Alto and other students to become stronger is to raise their experience.They should not focus on raising ranks, but in the meantime raising magical power.Almost a month has passed since the end of the first season.However, the creators still did not give the slightest hint about the premiere of the upcoming season.The Internet is full of demands on the announcement of the title anime.But there is a chance that the information will come out at the end of this year, because there are plenty of source materials.

What has happened so far?

The end of the previous season revealed the power of love between Alto and Vermeil.Their holy love was so strong that she broke the shackles of magic in this dimension.What’s more, it brought them back from this uncertain dimension to their own dimension.Alto confessed his true love in this dimension with three magic words.Lolite was quite surprised when he thought that the escape from this mythical dimension could be too tiring for them.So the opponent gathered a stone monster and attacked with a magic ball.However, the only option for Alto was to block this attack.

So Alto and Vermeil combined their mana powers to cope with the attack of a magic ball.Alto used a magical circle and gave an attack with an ice block.However, it was also a formation of an attack that coped well with the ball attack.This only annihilated a magical attack, but also finished the stone monster from Lolite.However, Lolite expanded his mana power, but another maze stopped him.Alto also realized that he could not fight more, so Fatima canceled the cosmic charm.Alto and Vermeil returned to the real world, where they both swore that they were becoming stronger every day.

Vermeil in Gold Season 2: release date

The creators did not announce anything about the continuation of the season.So there is no information about the release date of the upcoming anime season.But if the creators decide to publish some information by the end of this year, then there is still hope.There are chances that fans will see their favorite combo Alto-Vermeil in the upcoming season at the end of 2023 or in the spring of 2024.However, the creators still have a long way ahead of them despite a large amount of source materials.So follow the Anime Daily to get all the updates about the sequel in the same place without fear!