Versus Manga by One Punch Man Creator One will contain a fantasy martial art by Azuma Kyoutarou illustrator

Tenkaichi key graphics.Photo source: Azuma Kyoutarou, Kodansha

On October 21, 2022, a reliable informer about the anime @Mangamogurare revealed that they, the creator of the popular manga and adaptation of the anime Mob Psycho 100 and One Punch Man, has a new manga project in the work.

The new original Mang Fantasy series about Batts is called Versus and will debut in the SHOUNEN SIRIUS 1, 2023 on November 26, 2022 magazine.Manga Versus will contain graphics by Azuma Kyoutarou.

With the third season of MOB Psycho 100, which currently emits noise about the brilliant mind One, and his amazing manga creations are true.


The release date of the third season of MOB Psycho 100 at Crunchyroll was confirmed in the autumn of 2022 by the full trailer of the continuation

It seems that history will focus on the conflict between humanity and demons.47 heroes are chosen to fight 47 demons that work for the king of demons.Both other works One, One Punch Man and MOB Psycho 100 are embedded in modern worlds, but with supernatural elements that make people superpowers (guaranteed by their strong desires) or mental abilities (such as telekinesis).This new manga will belong to the species of sword and spells, which will be something completely different from what we usually expect from them.It will be interesting to see how they approach magic and its limitations.

Who is Azuma Kyoutarou?

Tenkaichi manga cover.Photo source: Kodansha

From 2014, Azuma Kyoutarou made a brand as a talented manga artist.Kyoutarou is best known for illustrating the popular Manga Tenkaichi series, which tells the story of the successor of Odea Nobunaga.

The story of Tenkaichi takes place in 1600.Ten years have passed since Odea Nobunaga united the whole country.When Nobunaga realizes that he is dying, he announces that he will pass the country to the one that will produce the strongest warriors.

Shogun (warlords), whose dreams of the unification of the country were dispelled, founded their owners and focused on becoming the king of Japan.

Kyoutarou also illustrated the manga of Sakura Brigade, which ended a few years ago, and worked on King of Fighters: A New Beginning.

Kyoutarou showed the ability to draw intensive and captivating battle sequences and arrange the choreography of the fight.Versus will certainly be visually stunning!


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When will Versus be available in English?

Tenkaichi manga side.Photo source: Kodansha

It is now difficult to say when the Japanese Versus chapters will be translated, but because the publisher Shounen Sirus is Kodansha, it will probably be their responsibility.

For example, one Shounen Magazines Kodansha publishes Edens Zero chapters with a weekly delay between Japanese and English editions.This is partly due to the popularity of Edens Zero, but they are such a well -known name that after the release of several chapters, there will probably be a quick schedule of editions.

Keep an eye on the platform for a streaming manga.Azuki, Versus may appear in December 2022 or January 2023. Anime Geek will definitely inform you as soon as we find out when and where you can read the English edition.

Are you looking forward to the new Battle of Fantasy Manga versus?Let us know in the comments section below!