Vic Mignogna refused to re -trial

On September 29, the second court in Texas, appeals rejected the Vic Mignogna voice actor’s request for re -examination of the case in court and reconsideration of the case (in which all judges of the Court of Appeal take part in the hearing) in his lawsuit for defamation against Funiation, voice actresses Jam Marchi and Monika Rialand fiancé Rial Ron Toy.The court upheld the judgment issued on August 18 against Mignognognia.

Mignogna submitted applications for re -examination of the case in court and reconsideration of the case in the EN Banc case on September 20.First, he asked to extend the deadline for submitting appeal applications, which is usually 15 days after the judgment of the Court of Appeal was ordered.The court issued a verdict against Mignognognody on August 18, but he asked to extend the deadline for submitting applications for reconsideration of the case until October 17, claiming that his defender did not have enough time to analyze the results.The court awarded the extension until September 20.


In August, the second Court of Appeal in Texas upheld the judgment of the District Court of the Tarrant Court of November 2019 against the voting actor Mignogna, for the defamation of the lawsuit against Funimion, actresses of the voice of Mara and Rial and the fiancée Rial, Toye.However, the court also determined that the amount of the lawyer’s fee initially granted to Rial and Toye was lower than “supported by sufficient facts.”

In connection with this, the Court of Appeal ordered the District Court of Tarrant to re -establish the amounts that Mignogna must pay Rial and Toy for lawyers.Otherwise, the Court of Appeal rejected all points of the Mignogny appeal and confirmed the original decision of the Court of First Instance.The Court of Appeal also ordered Mignogna to “cover all the costs of this appeal”.

The Tarrant County District Court originally granted Rial and Toye $ 100,000 for lawyers.Rial and Toye claimed that this amount is lower than the amount of USD 282,953.80 as a lawyer’s fee, which they demanded and presented evidence.During the examination of evidence, the opinion of most of the Court of Appeal in Texas stated that the court of first instance “did not take into account all testimonies regarding knowledge and experience, as well as the distinction between the settlement rate of a large company and the settlement rate of a small company, the latter refers to the lawyer’s honorary awardedBy the court of first instance Jamie Marchi, who had the lowest lawyer’s fees among the accused.

During his career, the controversial voice actor Mignogna received many allegations of sexual harassment from both colleagues and fans/participants of the Convention, which appeared in 2019, when Funiation broke cooperation with him.Mignogna then sued both Funiation and his colleagues voice actors, Marchi and Rial, as well as the fiancé of Riala, Toye, for defamation.The court later dismissed these lawsuits.The judge ruled that Mignogna must pay 223 042.42 USD as lawyer’s fees.The judgment also ordered him to pay USD 15,000, which gives a total of USD 238,12,42.In addition, the judgment listed 287,500 USD conditional fees, which Mignogna may pay if he decides to appeal.

The first instance court based its decision on the Texas Citizens Participation Act.Like several other states, Texas adopted this statute to prevent SLAPP (strategic lawsuits against public participation) or lawsuits brought to suppress freedom of speech, association and petitions of other people.

During the trial, many witnesses and alleged sexual victims of Mignogna courtship, including voice actress, Kara Edwards, juvenile conference participants, conventional employees and specialists from the industry.

Mignogna maintained that he was innocent of allegations against him.


Judgment and opinion of the Second Court of Appeal in Texas

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