Virtual Flow Code Geass concert announced on the video

Virtual Flow Code Geass concert announced on the video

Joseph Mirant on October 21, 2022

The Flow rock band has a concert in virtual reality on his way to celebrate the code series Geass and Gugenka recently shared the trailer from the Anime News Network.In addition to the Sample of the band’s virtual avatars, the video shows behind -the -scenes tests for the concert, so look below before the November debut.

The concert will take place on Vrchat and Showroom platforms, which is currently scheduled for November 6 and 13.Voice actor Jun Fukuyama even begins to entertain himself, saying several issues that the protagonist Lelouch is to say during the performance live.

People who want to participate virtually will have to pay 6600 yen (about USD 45) for ordinary tickets or 13,200 yen ($ 91) for full tickets with digital figurines and Code Geass avatars.Flow t -shirts for Vrchat avatars are also available for those who buy tickets until October 25, and all ticket holders will receive a live entrance avatar costume via the Makeavatar application on October 29.

From now on there is a free live exhibition in Vrchat for the Code Geass series waiting for the concert.

Source: Anime News Network

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