Voice actress Anya Forger chooses the best scene in episode 14 of Spy X Family: “It led me to tears”

Atsumi Tanezaki, an actress of the voice of Anya Forger in the anime Spy X Family, chose her best scene in episode 14. Last week, Eguchi Takuya, an actor, voicing the voice in Loid Forgerpicked the best scene from episode 13, which was the beginning of the second thread.

The official Anime Account on Twitter and the Toho animation channel on YouTube will publish every week a video that shows a cast member or staff by choosing the best scene for each episode with their commentary, and the new update applies to the 14th episode of the anime, entitled “Disarplating the clock bomb”.

“The episode is full of scenes that gave me warm and blurred feeling, laughter and refreshment,” the voice actress begins to talk about the episode and continues: “This scene with Sylvia-San led me to tears.”I’m fed up with wars” became spy to create a world in which no children have to cry.This thought always hides under a lively comedy and that’s what I love in this work the most. “On


You can watch a 1-minute and 34-second movie with the stage and a short trailer at the end.and



Atsumi Tanezaki, voice actress Anya Forger, chose her best scene in episode 14. Spy X Family.


Spy X Family Author draws Anya celebrating the digital edition of the final song “Shikisai”

Spy X Family Author draws Anya celebrating the digital edition of the opening song “Souvenir”

Wit Studio and Cloverworks joint anime Spy X Family based on the Manga Shonen Jump+ Tatsuyi Endo with the same name began in April and ended its first cycle on June 25 in Japan with the twelfth episode.The second course began broadcasting on October 1, and Manga exceeded 26.5 million copies in circulation, and its 10th volume was published on October 4.

VIZ Media has granted manga license for editions in English and describes



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