Voice actress Bayonetta Hellena Taylor questions claims in a new statement

The voice actress claims that she asked for “a fair pay for a life corresponding to the value I bring to this game”

Taylor has developed it.He claims that Platinum Games initially offered a total of $ 10,000 for this role.She wrote to the director of Platinum Games and the creator of Bayonetta, Hidek Kamiya, who according to her offered her an additional 5,000 USD (Taylor entered the number of “5,000” in her tweet).Kamiya also told her how much he appreciated her “contribution to the game and how much fans wanted” to give her voice in the game.She rejected this offer.

After refusing, she claims that after 11 months she heard from Platinum Games, in which she was offered a “flat -rate fee for voting for some lines” in the amount of USD 4,000.He claims that the company did not offer it from 3000 to 4000 USD per session for five sessions and that there were no “extensive negotiations”, as the company claimed.

Bloomberg announced last Tuesday that Platinum Games tried to hire Voice actress Bayonett Hellena Taylor for at least five sessions, each of which paid from 3000 to 4000 dollars for four hours.It would give a total of approximately USD 15,000.According to Bloomberg, Platinum Games said that Taylor asked for a six -digit number, as well as leftovers from the game.Platinum refused and questioned a new actor after long negotiations.Finally, Platinum offered Taylor a performance in the game for one session she rejected.

Taylor told Bloomberg that this account is an “absolute lie” and said that Platinum “tries to save their ass and game.”


On October 15, Taylor published a series of explaining films on Twitter why she did not repeat the role of Bayonett 3, and calling for a boycott of the game.In Twitter films, she claimed that Platinum Games offered her a flat rate of USD 4000 for repeating her role, a salary she considered “an insult”.He asks fans to transfer money for charity.

Taylor – who underwent a three -year training at London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts and four years of care under the direction of the famous acting trainer Larry Moss – she told viewers about her experience of re -interrogation in this role, the process understood that it was necessary because it was necessary becauseVoices can change over the years.After the interview, Taylor claimed that she had received a “offensive offer”.She said that she then personally asked Kamiya for a better offer, after which she was offered a 4000 USD rate.

Taylor stated in films that she suffers from depression and fears, and fear of homelessness caused her suicidal thoughts.She recalled the current economic struggles in her hometown of Britain and added that she was “not afraid” of confidentiality contracts that she could break, saying that “she can’t even afford driving a car.”

Taylor claimed that Platinum said that the company could not make everything work according to its schedule, but Taylor said that “there is nothing but time.”The well -known voice actress Jennifer Hale played the title role in Bayonetta 3. The director of the Yusuke Miyata game said Game informer on October 5


regarding the change: “Various overlapping circumstances hindered Hellenie Taylor again.”Miyata added: “We carried out interrogations to cast a new voice of Bayonetta and proposed this role as Jennifer Hale, which in our opinion suited this character well.”

Taylor said that she did not want bad will to hallI feel Taylor.She “created a voice”.



On Twitter on October 17, asking “everyone remembers that this game was created by the entire team of hard -working, devoted people.”He hopes that “all committed can solve their differences in a friendly and respectful way.”

Although Platinum Games has not yet issued a formal answer, Hidki Kamiya published on October 15 a tweet in which he wrote: “A sad and regrettable approach to untruth.That’s all I can say now.He also warned readers about “watch out for [his] principles”, probably referring to the pinned tweet about his tendency to block mass answers and sending messages to him on Twitter only in Japanese.

Nintendo Switch on October 28.

The situation is the last of the controversy series about voice actors and their earnings in recent months.

Source: Twitter Helleny Taylor