Watchman: What is the real family today?Dean and Nora!

Find out what is happening to today’s royal family, which DEAN and Nora Brannock imagined after the sensor!

Watchman is available on Netflix!

If you want to find out

what about the real family of the guards today

, read on!A new series of horror movies

Netflix, Watchman

It opens today.It tells chilling the story of a couple who moves into his dream home to receive a mysterious letter with information that they are observed.The strangest thing in this series?It is based on true history.To read the full history of Vigilante, go here.

Bobby Cannavale and Naomi Watts as Dean and Nora Brannock appear in the seven -part series.Brannocks move into their dream home in Westfield, New Jersey with two children, but soon discover that their new surroundings are not very friendly.To find out what was written on the royal lists, click here.

There are neighbors who do not understand the rules in the property, and the real estate agent who makes the couple feel that they do not really fit.Shortly after moving, they become even more terrifying when a couple receives a letter from someone named “Observer”, informing them that they were assigned to guard the house before his “second coming”.But then

What about the royal family, which Dean and Nora Brannock now imagine after Vigilante?

Who are Dean and Nora Brannock in real life?

As a series, a real case


turned into a nightmare for

Dereka and Maria Broaddus depicted as Dean and Nora Brannock

After buying a dream house for $ 1.3 million in 2014.

Royal family

After receiving the first letters from Vigilante and six months after buying a house, the couple introduced it back to the market.However, every potential buyer was discouraged from entering into a transaction when he was shown the cards they received



In the spring of 2016, 257 Boulevard returned to the market, but the Broaddus could not find the buyer once again.After renting a house for a few years, the royal family finally managed to sell 657 Boulevard in 2019 for $ 959,000, almost $ 400,000 less than they originally paid for the property.To find out what happened at home today, read it.

What about the royal family today after the guard?

A real family of guards

I would still like to live


Today in Westfield, New Jersey, in the same city where his ordeal took place.The Broaddus took a loan from relatives so that they could buy a second house in Westfield in 2016.

But apparently they used LLC (limited liability companies) to buy the property and keep the location secret so that the anonymous observer could not follow them to their new home.To find out what is happening with El Vigilante today, you’ll find them here.