What autumn anime 2022 are you most interested in?

Siliconera speaks loudly, our permanent staff and the function of the community’s comments returns!And just right at the beginning of the Anime Autumn 2022 season!This week, we choose our favorite (and most anticipated) debuts of the anime of this quarter.Share your in the comments and on Twitter!

The autumn 2022 anime season is full!From the next episodes of Spy X Family, My Hero Acadekaren, MOB Psycho 100 and Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These after the debut chainsaw man, Gundam: The Witch from Mercury and again the adaptation of uruseia yatsura, there is no shortage of big names for whichYou can count.

As a certified elderly person who does not have so much time to watch programs from week to week, as I used to, I still can’t wait almost everything I have cited, plus a few more niche titles, such as eminence in the shade and reincarnation assword.

Above and apart from these, however, Bleach’s return is.I watched this program almost religiously through my studies and after him, and even started my online writing career (as it is) writing summaries of the series and his manga for Japanator!It can be said that a large part of my adult life was associated with a certain level of involvement in Bleach, so it was quite exciting to find out that his last story would be adapted.I do not intend to pretend that the story has ended particularly well, but it still deserves to see it, and Bleach fans are now fulfilling their wish!

Bleach: A thousand -year blood war will start on October 10, 2022. – Josh

Anime’s idol has a mark.They are too “fanservice” or the story is absolutely crazy to maintain the interest of viewers.But Idolish7, with strong writing and surprisingly coherent animation, breaks all conventions as one of the best series of idols I’ve ever seen.He focuses more on traps and struggles with which idols face backstage, and presents a fairly established view of the industry.There are enough warming and funny moments so that the series does not become too melodramatic to remain invested.And all the characters are so charming that you just want to see how they are successful and are happy.

Unfortunately, the world never wants them to be happy.Idolish7: Third Beat has completed its first track with the controversy setting against Trigger, as well as a lot of tips that problems with the past and heritage of naked will have a negative impact on Idolish77.Although I do not care too much about naked, I am absolutely terrified seeing the beginnings of the fall of Trigger.So you can bet that I’m already sitting on the edge of my place, waiting to see what terrible things await my favorite boys.

Third Beat Idolish7!It was resumed on October 2, 2022. It is available at Crunchyroll.- Stephanie

I definitely can’t wait for Chainsaw Man.I grew up at Shonen Anime, and because I watch more and more Shonen and other types of anime, it still occupies a special place in my heart.I also heard that it is a bit darker and more brutal than most in this genre, which I was much more interested in.

The mere assumption of this story seems very important to me.Among all the praise that Chainsaw Man received and being a fan of adaptation of the mapping anime, as well as original works, I could not be more excited when I got into this series.

Chainsaw Man will be opened on October 12, 2022, it will be simulated by Crunchyroll.- Adam

What is your favorite watch from anime debuts from autumn 2022?What are you waiting for the most?Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!And read our other useful round tables to get to know other thoughts of Siliconer team and friends of this site!