What is a cap in a man with a chain saw?Explanation of the origin and power of the charming devil

What is the caps from the Anime Chainsaw Man series and canonically, what powers does this charmingly brutal devil have?

Anime fans around the world start the last countdown to the premiere of Chainsaw Mappa Human Adaptation.

While the whole community is looking forward to the visual effects and music that will appear in the new series, many also expect the debut of iconic characters such as Denji, Power, Makima and Aki.

However, there is one “charming” character who will certainly dominate the headlines before the premiere of the Anime series, Pochita – but what is this character technically classified as in history and what is its powers?

A man of chain sawMain trailer



A man with a chain sawMain trailer






What is a cap in a man with a chain saw?

In the history of man with a chain saw, the devil with a saw;A being who embodies fear of chain saws and was a original man before Denji’s arrival.

The devils are the race of supernatural creatures that feed on people’s fears and, as the name suggests, they were originally created in hell, with each devil with unique personalities, abilities and appearance.

For most of the stories, the cap appears as a small orange devil with features similar to a dog, a handle on the shoulder, chord as a tail and a chain saw protruding from his head.

However, it also has a hybrid form after contacting Denji, where they both connect to the humanoid chainsaw with four shoulders and chicken chicken chicken.

Is similar to the brand of Makita chain saws and according to Chainsaw Man


, “His name can be a game of capture (common name of a dog in Japan) and the” ta “suffix (from Makita).”

At the current stage of the manga


39 devils: angel, chicken, future, hell, justice, knife, muscles, needles, octopus, curse, eternity, fish, bat, clutch, fox, clutch, grape, pistol, leech, leech, prayer, mantis, control, doll, doll, Zefir, Tajfun, Wini, chain saw, blood, spider, punishment, sea cucumber, skin, snake, stone, tomato, war, zombies and “unknown”.

In the original Japanese version of a man with a mechanical saw, the voice of the cap is Shiori Izawa.

What powers does it have?

The caps can be divided into two groups, physical and devilish.

These physical powers include:

Increased speed and reflexes, even for the devil, the capture is known for its pace, increased strength in a similar way as chain saws and power tools increased strength capable of killing people even with one embrace increased healing and regenerative powers

Ferris powers in Clude:

Devilish erasing;When he devours another devil, he has the ability to completely erase all the memory of it from human knowledge – which makes him “a devil that all devils are afraid of.”and produce chain saws from various appendages.Tanging of chains, chain chains can be temporarily removed and used like whip.Body assimilation, quite obvious again, when the chill connects to Denji;However, if their contract is ever broken, the cap has the power to have Denji’s body when he returns to his original form.

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