What is Konpaku (modified soul) in Bleach?

The Tite Kubo bleach introduced us to many different concepts in the universe, so many that you will probably need the right dictionary of terms to know what every date means.In this article, we will focus on one of such terms, which turned out to be one of the more intriguing concepts in the world of Bleach.The theme of this article will be Konpaku, which is a modified soul, and we will tell you everything you need to know about it.

Konpaku or modified souls are human souls that were strengthened by scientists from the Soul Society research and development department to help Shinigami in the fight against Hollow.They were designed as part of the Spearhead project, which was finally suspended for ethical reasons.Kon is the only canon of Konpaku in the series and the most famous, while the additional ones were introduced in the episodes of the anime.

The rest of this article will focus on the concept of Konpaku in Bleach.You will learn everything you need about Konpak, but also about the Spearhead project.Finally, we will replace the known Konpaku from both the canon and episodes filling the series.Some spoilers can be present.

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What is Konpaku in Bleach?

Modified souls have been designed to avoid panic among ordinary people by leaving empty gigai or shinigami forced to stay in the corpse or living beings after throwing their original soul.By accepting a modified soul, he forces the Shinigami soul to leave the body and take control of the body, acting in a programmed way and adapting to a normal personality as far as possible, which does not pay attention to the rest of the people.They were created by Kirio Hikifune, former Division Captain 12, and now a member of the Royal Guard.

Considering that the original name Gikongan was not pretty enough, the Shinigami Women Association decided to change the name modified souls in Soul Candy.Referring to this more free and frivolous name, various dispensers of the artificial soul were designed to look like typical PEZ candies, with the animal’s form on top.Apparently, the nature of the animal that appears in the candy dispenser determines the personality of the soul inhabiting the candies.

So the most popular version in Soul Society and the favorite by the Kuchiki Ruk is Chappy The Rabbit, a hyperactive figure, with extraordinary physical strength and a way of speaking similar to a small child.The Shinigami Women Association worked hard on the discipline of artificial souls, suggesting a large number of Soul Candy projects and various personalities of souls, mainly to satisfy President Yachiru Kusajishi.

As revealed in Omake, with the participation of Nem Kurotsuchi, who is the vice president of the research and development department, Yachir experimented with new types of soul candies that were used by Tōshirō Hitsugaya and his unit when they were in the world of the living, apparently with very satisfactory results.

The well -known types of soul candy used by Shinigami are:


, rabbit: the most popular among women Shinigami and favorite Rukii Kuchiki, who used it during one of her stays in the world of the living.Restless and hyperactive nature, tends to end all his sentences with Hop (in the original Pyon).


, duck: chosen as the second in terms of popularity.


, dog: third in popularity.Sometimes called papyrus.


, snake


, skull


, penguin


, Panda: also called Buscabulla, he is hostile and always bad, throwing constant threats at everyone he looks at.He ends his sentences at AGH (in the original Yorosh).Yumichika Ayasegawa used it.


, cat: has a tramp personality, more twisted and malicious.He ends his sentences in Jia (in the original version, NYAH).He was used by Renji Abarai.


: Sometimes called Bruce, he is a coward.He ends his sentences in Uish (in the original, UHO).It was used by Ikkaku Madarame.


, frog



: Also known as Salidorra, gives his user the personality of the pervert.He ends his sentences in HMM (in the original Besh).It was used by ranking Matsumoto.


: Also called the analyst, it is very serious, but also very stupid.Usually think about useless percentages.Besides, he doesn’t end with any special tips, because he would be forgotten quickly.It was used by Tōshirō Hitsugaya.

What was the spear project in Bleach?

A secret project that led to the creation of modified souls was called the spear project and was conducted by the research and development department.Shinigami intended to use the corpse as warriors fighting empty, implanting in the corpse modified souls, which after implantation gave superhuman abilities in a specific area of the host’s body (e.g. super -fast run, excellent singing, giant powers, huge cleverness, superhuman hearing, etc.).

However, the project was rejected for ethical reasons.The experiment was detained and all modified souls were destroyed;At least, it was thought.One of the few surviving souls is Kon, which initially walks on Ichigo’s body for a short time.After Ichigo and Rukia pull the donation from Ichigo’s body, Ichigo puts the candy into a stuffed animal because they would look stupid if he screamed at him.

The Spearhead project was not the subject of canonical stories in the great way;This was mentioned and explained what it was, but canonical narratives never really delved into history, because they did not prove to be too important for general history.On the other hand, the thread filling Gotei 13 Invading Army from the Anime series focused only on the consequences of this project.

Konpaku in Bleach

In our last section we will go to mention and present all known Konpaku in Bleach, both canonical and non -canonical:


Kon is my own fashion soul of Ichigo Kurosaki at the beginning of the series.He is a modified soul that is to live in Ichigo’s body during his mission, which allows him to hunt Hollow as shinigami and go to school/at home as a man.When Ichigo is not in his Shinigami form, the horse lives in the body of a stuffed lion.

In the episode of Soul Society appears in a small clip at the end of almost every episode.The programs that he leads are called the Shinigami Cup and the Shinigami Gold Cup.Kon is Bleach’s mascot, so to speak, and appears in almost every episode – when the episode ends.However, since then he has not appeared again


Ririn is a character who appears only in anime, not in the manga, so he is counted as a filling character.In her gigai looks like a little girl with blond hair and blue eyes.He wears a pink dress and long pink shoes, as well as a small black cape.In its plush form, it looks like a chicken, in a light blue dress and a dark blue cape, and round, white eyes with blue borders are quite striking.Ririn is sungular, picky and very dominant, he beats Koni several times because she often annoys her.


Kurōdo is a character who appears only in anime, not in the manga, so he is counted as a filling character.In his Gigai, Kurōdo has long hair that is black on the right and blonde on the left, and his eyes are ice -blue.He wears a gray suit and a gray cylinder, as well as eye -catching round glasses.In the form of a stuffed animal, he takes the form of a bag with yellow eye beads, and is also dressed in a suit, but also resembles a rabbit.Kurōdo seems very crazy and loves large breasts because he was happy to be assigned to Orihime.


Noba is a figure that appears only in anime, not in the manga, so he is counted as a filling figure.Noba has dark hair and turquoise eyes in his gigai and wears a ninja style suit with fur on a collar.In its stuffed form, he resembles a turtle in a suit and a bow tie.Noba seems very quiet and withdrawn because he speaks very little.When he is in his Gigai, you only see his eyes, he also has a zipper, which sometimes closes so that his whole head is covered.

Knights kujō

Kujō knights are the first modified soul created in Soul Society and hunted by the creator of Kagerose Inaba.The young girl has a “defensive” personality.He is quite quiet, he rarely speaks and does not reveal much about himself.He often tries to reject the help of Kone, Ichigo and his friends because “she did not ask them for help.”Over time, he establishes a strong friendship with Konze and Ichigo, who stopped her from killing.

Since then, she tries to be a little more open, but teasing and insults are easier for her than kindness.The knives go through Dangai covered with a large cloth.When she appeared in the human world, Kon, Rukia and Ichigo felt unusual Reiatsu.Because Ichigo and Rukia hunted on a hollow, Kon set off alone, and a few minutes later he came across knocks that lay naked in the parking lot with the blanket.

He took her to the Kurosakis clinic and put the girl in Ichigo’s bed, where she slept for a long time.The next day, when Kon went to check her, he found her not in bed, but in front of the TV.He immediately took her back to Ichigo’s room before Kurosaki saw her.There he asked her for her name she didn’t want to reveal.After Kon told her her name and that he found her, she sat in the back corner of Ichigo’s bed, threw her sheets in Kon and called him a pervert.

Although the Nozomi is a modified soul, it has shinigami powers, and therefore also has the skills of Zanpakuto and Kido.Kido Expert: Nozomi shows that he is running in the art of Kido because it can cast a Kido Hado #58 spell without a spell.

Kagerōza inaba

Kagerōza Inaba is a figure and the main antagonist in the thread of the Gotei 13 invasion. He is the 7th officer of the 12th branch and before the Ark his duties included guarding and examining Dangai and between.As it turns out during the plot, Kagerose is a fashion soul that has the personality of his inventor ōko Yushima.

For a long time, Inaby pretended to be a quiet, discreet shinigami so that nobody would notice his machination.Inaba is very sophisticated, cunning and is quite intimidating.The fact that he was able to create Reigai, almost perfect copies of Shinigami, shows that he has a high intellect.He respects his commander Mayuri Kurotsuchi in many respects when it comes to study and research.

Rukia Kuchiki found out during the first fight of Ichigo and Inaby that the latter must be quite strong, because she can control even proud Reigai clones.In addition, Inaba was able to repel the hollow Kuroi Getsuga (though restrained), which Rukia says that he is a testimony to his strength.In addition, he could easily fight several commanders.

Ōko Yushima

Ōko Yushima was Shinigami, who served in the 12th Division, and also served in SRDI.He is also an inventor of soul mod.After graduating from the Shinigami Academy, ōko joined the 10th branch.But because, according to his companions, he really has no real combat talent and is a more thinker than a warrior, he was transferred to the 12th unit.Ōko seemed not to like it, but he did not refuse.In the 12th Division, he created a project called Spearhead, which revolved around research on his own invention, Mod-Soul.

But for moral reasons, research should be stopped and previous work should be destroyed.Unable to let it, ōko sent some of his data to Dangai and swept his spirit to his two modified souls, Kagerose Inaby and Kujō Nozomi, hoping that both would continue his work.Ōko himself turned out to be unconscious and was imprisoned in the red nest.Kagerose does everything in his power to catch Kujō knocks so that they can both heal ōko Yushima or become him again.

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