Which cities in France have the best mobile connection?

The new study indicates which cities have the best mobile connections in France, and the result is quite surprising.

NPERF, which exactly calculates the speed of the Internet, conducted a study to find the fastest operator in its region and much more.Like cities with the fastest or best mobile connection.If the test result is

available here,

Here is a summary of the main threads.

Cities with the best mobile connections are …


A great surprise, in cities with the best mobile connection can be found in the first Lille, with nearby Avignion and Bordeaux.Far before Paris, which has a much lower flow, which is completely surprising when it comes to the capital.

Then we can focus on the results according to scoring thanks to 100,000 NPERF points for Lille, of course thanks to the excellent result of streaming.Paris moves slightly up the ranking, but they are still ahead of regional capitals such as Strasbourg and Lyon:


What about operators?

Another interesting concept, and not less, operators’ results with a list of the best operators by city:


Orange and SFR seem to be at the forefront in many cities, such as Paris, Lyon, Toulouse or Lille, where Orange seems to float over others.In the Free Ranking it offers the lowest result because it does not dominate in any city in France in the ranking.

Orange also wins the pure speed championship with other operators, as you can see in this final chart:


And you, with which operator are you?And above all, are you satisfied with your cellular connection?