Who Anime Anime Bleach: Th really Year Blood War?

Who animals the bleach: Thrisand Year Blood War Anime and which the Producerc company worked earlier?

The Bleach: Thrisand Year Blood War Anime surprised fans with production quality, even though only two episodes were broadcast so far.

Although the Bleach series was actually known for its large -format performances and typical Shounen scenery, the new series certainly exceeded the expectations of fans.

So who animals the anime Bleach: Thrisand Year Blood War and what series did they produce earlier?

Who animals Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War?

The Bleach: Thrisand Year Blood War is animated by Studio Pierrot.

The studio was


In 1979, by former employees of Tatsunoko and Mushi production companies, based in Mitak, Tokyo.

Interestingly, the studio logo is the face of the clown, and the term “Piero” is a Japanese word borrowed for a clown, derived from the classic of the stock market figure of Pierrot.

According to the official website, the studio has a capital of 428 million yen, or over $ 2 million!

Pierrot Studio produced one of the most iconic and popular anime series that debuted in 1980 at The Wonderful Adventures of Nils, including:

Urusei Yatsura (1981) Musashi The Samurai Lord (1990) Yu Yu Hakusho (1992) Sonic the Hedgehog (1996) Ghost Stories (2000) Tokyo Mew Mew (2002) Naruto (2002) Midori Days (2004) Naruto: Shippuden (2007)Kingdom (2012) Legend of Korry (2012) Tokyo Ghoul (2014) Exorcists with two stars (2016) Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (2017) Hero mask (2018) Black clover (2017)


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Finally, an extremely stupid debate that has been going on for many days.Bleach production is not film and does not have to.It looks great and moves enough.It doesn’t have to be a movie because the anime is not.Both supporters and critics should slow down.

– Sikander (@siki1997)

October 19, 2022

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Production staff of Bleach Tibw

The director of the anime Bleach: Thrisand Year Blood War is Tomohisa Taguchi (Persona 4 and Twin Star Exorcists), who is also responsible for the composition of the series along with Hiratsu massacres.

The main directors are Hikaru Murata (the bizarre adventure of Jojo and High School Fleet) and Mitsutoshi Sato (Naruto: Shippuden and Food Wars).

Character design is directed by Masashi Kudo (Towe of God and Tokyo Mew MEW) together with Michio Hasegawa (Boruto), Sei Komatsubara (Shadows House) and Kumiko Takayanagi (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure) as the main directors of animation.

Other production employees are:

Manager of the Animation of Action and Effects-Satoshi Sakai, Yoshirir Kanno and director of Young-Hun Jungart-Yoshi O Taniok and Toshitak Color designer Amada-SAORI Grodaediting-Akinori Mishima Photography Director-Kazuhiro YamadDirector of Gotosound – Yukio Nagasakisound Production – Zack Promotionmusic – Shiro Sagisu

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