Who does Denji end in a man with a chain saw?Explanation

Although Chainsaw Man focuses mainly on crazy skills and brutal battles, there are a number of characters with quite complex relationships.Being the main star of this amazing anime series, Denji’s relations aroused the interest of fans, leaving many wondering who Denji ends in Chainsaw Man.

Given how many things went wrong in Denji’s love life, Kobeni seems to be the most likely candidate.However, this is primarily because he still has his memories and is still alive.Some chainsaw man fans believe that new interest in love can even be introduced because the series is still ongoing.

Although there is certainly no many romances in the chainsaw man game, there are shreds of evidence indicating who this cult character from anime can end in the future.Stay to find out everything you need to know about Denji’s love interests in Chainsaw Man, as well as about who he will most likely end at the end of the story of Chainsaw Man.

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Denji’s love interests in Chainsaw Man

The Chainsaw Man series is not exactly the romantic anime, but the plot affects several aspects of Denji’s personal life, including his desire for love.He was not shown to care since he was young, and it is quite clear that Denji misses someone who would accept him and love him – in a romantic way or otherwise.

Denji may and is a fairly simple guy, but he is perceived as a womanizer in a man with a mechanical saw.After gaining a new identity as Chainsaw Man, Denji began to attract the attention and worship of many young women in the Chainsaw Man universe, which means that there are many characters that can become his partner in the future.

With everything, some of these potential love interests have much more space for development than others.Below are all Denji’s love interests in Chainsaw Man, with paintings thanks

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Denji and Makima

Makima was perceived as Denji for centuries the main love of love, and he even stated that he would like to be a mindless dog for her.However, Makima has always been more a mechanism for coping with Denji, because he preferred not to be hurt by losing things and the people he loved – especially at the hands of Makmy.

Denji shows Makima Love, no matter what the only one is, who showed the feeling, even though he killed many of his best friends.Makima gave Denji everything he wanted, in her twisted way, in this house, work and family – everything but true love.

However, she always cared for a man of a mechanical saw and never really worried Denji.This turned out to be crucial in her failure, because Denji finally killed Makima, eating her body (which technically became one with her, instead of attacking her, thus bypassing the contract issued by the Prime Minister of Japan).

But she still cares for her, now looking after her dogs and her reincarnation, nayut.PÄ™ita told Denji that the dream of the devil’s control is to develop equal relationships with others, so Denji devoted himself to raising Nayut with love.

Denji and Himeno

The mission of the fourth branch of Tokyo Special Division Kill The Eternity Devil turned out to be the first when Denji and Himeno met with each other, and then developed a rather complex relationship.Himeno promised Denji’s French kiss if he managed to defeat the devil of eternity.

However, this moment was not as romantic as you could expect, as you can see when the group gathers in a bar to celebrate and get acquainted better.Himeno gets drunk and grabs Denji’s first kiss, but she vomits in its middle.

With this in mind, many Chainsaw Man fans believe that Himeno really had eyes directed at Aki, offering Denji’s friendship to help each other in love life.However, in other cases, things become hot between them-even Denji, to take another step with her at her home.

Although the moment was ruined when the lollipop who gave Denji to Makima, but we still don’t know if Denji could accept the invitation.In any case, these two never had a chance because Himeno was finally killed in the series.

Denji and Power

Power and Denji started their journey as partners and were quite close, the more time they spent with each other.They considered themselves the best friends, and Makima saw her younger sister Denji.

Denji bathed her, slept next to her, comforted her and fed her after she suffered trauma during the arch of the Devil of Darkness, losing the chance to go with Makima on vacation.There were many opportunities to go a step further, and they both showed only the relationship between siblings.

But Power betrayed Denji, offering him as a human victim to the devil’s bat – to recover his cat!She was killed by Makima, which was incredibly traumatic for Denji – it is quite clear that he really loved Power.Even if the power was to return, it is unlikely that the two would establish a romantic relationship.

Denji and Kobeni

The Tokyo Special Division 4 syndrome entrusted Denji and Kobenia the destruction of the eternal devil, and Kobeni first tried to kill Denji to get out of the trap of the eternal devil.But Kobeni quickly began to feel guilty after they successfully defeated the devil, instead they decided to help Denji as much as possible.

But after a series of events that repeatedly exposed her to danger, Kobeni decided to give up her job as a hunter of public security demons.Kobeni found herself in a rather complicated situation, because Chainsaw Man forced her to play the role of his temporary girl.Denji and Kobeni share their fears when he is in human form, so there are still a lot of questions about their status.

Denji and Rey

They both met for the first time during a classic romantic meeting with the anime – it was rained, and Reze had to invade Denji’s personal space in a telephone booth.Reze invited Denji to the cafe where he works, hoping that both of them can arrange a casual date over coffee.

Denji accepted her request from he thought that she was nice and there was nothing else to do, then they approached each other – they spent a lot of time together, felt comfortable, and even shared private information.Denji showed great interest in the Reze and was ready to completely abandon everything and escape from the Reze.

However, in the unfortunate trade of events, Reze had a much more sinister plan up his sleeve – making it a “classic romantic meeting” quite suspicious in retrospect.Reze, who turns out to be a bomb devil, lured Denji and tried to kill him, wanting his hybrid heart, after which she was killed by Makima.

Who does Denji end in a man with a mechanical saw?

Given how many things went wrong in Denji’s romantic relationships, Kobeni seems to be the most likely candidate.However, this is mainly due to the fact that he still has his memories and is still alive – there is no solid evidence that he is “the one”.

However, some chainsaw man fans believe that there may be new interest in love on the way – mainly in the form of a complex archives.ASA has recently been introduced into a mix, with pure hatred of Chainsaw Man.The competition has changed earlier in Chainsaw Man, so some fans believe that ASA can be an unexpected and twisting story with the love we were counting on – only time will show!

From now on, Denji did not end up with anyone, although there were a lot of romantic romances that did not end very well.However, Manga Chainsaw Man is still going on, which means that there is still time for Denji to end with the amazing character of Chainsaw Man and get a happy ending he always wanted.

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