Who is the main character Akame Ga Kill?

Akame Ga Kill is one of the popular Shounen series, whose main theme are killers, fencing and supernatural phenomena.

The story presents Tatsumi as the main figure in Akame Ga Kill.

Tatsumi is a young boy who loses everything through corruption and war;His family, friends, home and all his relatives.After getting to know all the dark and painful truths about


He sets out with the two best childhood friends to become a better warrior.

However, he soon discovers

Night raid

, a rebellious group of determined killers to overthrow the empire.Therefore, because their interests fit together, Tatsumi accepts their invitation to join them as a killer.He soon falls into various other characters and creates various bonds with them, especially



Akame, Bulat, Leone, etc.

The main character in Akame Ga Kill

If you noticed, the series has only the name of the heroes instead of the name, followed by the family name.This is why

Tatsumi is the main character in Akame Ga Kill

And there is no name.His parents are nameless and hardly spend time on the screen in the series.

Tatsumi leaves his village shortly after the start of history, and the world settings are presented to us.

The story connects animals and a supernatural concept of the legendary


.These are special weapons created using magic and mystical Danger Beast, and only the best warriors can use them.

While Teiga can manifest in any form, from weapons to a living being, the armor teigu was incredibly powerful.

This is why

Demon armor: Incursio

He was possessed by Tatstumi, who improved as a killer.Incursio manifests itself as a sword in its sealed form and as a strong Tatsumi armor after activation.

Tatsumi becomes incredibly powerful thanks to Incrusio.However, at the end of everything is absorbed by the overwhelming Incrusio power and goes crazy.And here are the remaining main characters of the series,

Akame and Mine.

Deuteragonists in Akame Ga Kill

Akame is the second hero of Aka the second main character Akame Ga Kill.However, she is a more antihero, while mine is a beloved person of Tatsumi and therefore she is the second main character.


Akame plays a greater role in the series and its prequel according to a deuteragonist and main character.She and her sister were sold an empire after their village ran out of survival.However, of many children, two sisters managed to survive and were offered to join the Empire as warriors.

Akame trained for an elite warrior, but soon fucked.Joined to

Night raid

After meeting the gruesome deeds of the Empire and what they did to her and several other villages.

And so he meets Tatsumi.However, before the story of Tatsumi begins, Akame is already a unique swordsman and a terrifying killer.That’s why Tatsumi trained under her to become who she was now.

2. Mine

The next main character is Mine, which is also part of Night Raid

.However, history is no less tragic.For most of her life she lived as an orphan, being discriminated against for being “half -blood”.She joined Night Raid to establish a diplomatic world in which Western people could live in peace.

After combining with Tatsumim during various missions, he soon falls in love with it.

And, surprisingly, Tatsumi reciprocates the same and they both begin an intimate relationship.As for her skills as a killer, Mine is a unique sniper and the owner of Teig.

Now, when we discussed the main characters of Akame Ga Kill, we will end this article.Review and check some more interesting articles about various other anime and manga.

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