Who is the main character in Attack on Titan?

Isayama Hajime surprised everyone with his brilliant story and announcements.His Manga Attack on Titan is the only evidence we need.

The story presents Eren Yeager as the main character in Attack on Titan next to Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlet.

The story begins with the three best friends who lead their tragic life in a world where humanity does not exist.People are enclosed in three concentric walls, Maria, Rose and Sina to survive grotesque, people feeding on the Titans.

The further the wall from the inside, the worse the living conditions.That is why our main characters lived in extreme poverty behind Maria’s wall.

However, the tragic conditions are becoming more dangerous when the inhabitants of Maria Wall are in the face of the Titan attack for the first time in hundreds of years.Survival became a luxury for Eren, Mikasy and Armin.

Main character in Attack on Titan

The series immediately establishes Eren Yeager as the main character in Attack on Titan.The story begins with his POV, when we are introduced into the world of Aot.

After losing the family in favor of the Titans, Eren swears that it will become part

Scout regiment

.The scout regiment is the defense of humanity against titans.That is why they guard and fight titans near the walls to prevent them from entering, because they are high -trained warriors.

Early, however, Eren discovers that in some circumstances it may suddenly transform into a titan.But he had no control over it, and he didn’t even know how to activate it.On the other hand, he immediately became controversial and was observed, and then underwent training.

However, like most Shounen anime, history focused on Erena until the story thickened in the middle of the season.Other important characters, such as Levi, Bertholdt, Hang, Annie, Reiner, etc. also came to light.

Most importantly, history is so multi -layered and stunningly written that each character plays an extremely important role.Mikasa and Armin play the main role in changing history if needed.

Main cast in the attack on titan

1. Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa was presented together with Eren at the beginning of the series.Isayama made it clear that she was the one for Eren.Both were already connected by a strong bond and promised to be together and protect each other.

That is why she is a co -chairman, or rather a female heroine, an attack on titanium.

However, it would be to say that history focused on it just like Eren.The character of Mikasa is very well written and fits the plot requirements because he is an Erena anchor in his humanity.Similarly, Eren is her anchor in common sense and bond they divide.

2. Armin Arlert

Just like Mikasa and Eren,

Armin was presented as a member of the trio, making him the main character of Attack on Titan

.They cared for each other and promised to protect themselves no matter what.

For most anime they remain together and recruit to the scout regiment.The trio even fights the first battle with Titans as freshly trained scouts.

However, in particular, Armin treats his meeting with titans too critically and is shocked deep.However, Erena stays because they are the best friends.Soon he becomes one of the most important characters in the story, not just Eren’s friend.

Watch how the trio goes through unimaginable things and discovers some of the most disturbing secrets of their world.Now that you know about the main heroes of Attack on Titan, we will end the article.I invite you to browse and check other series that we have already discussed.

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