Why did Eren start a brawl in an attack on Titan?Can he stop it?

Eren is undoubtedly the most iconic character of the anime in the Titan attack series, he is the main character of the series and somehow he also managed to become the main antagonist.He began as a impetuous boy with anger problems, who now has the power to be upset by the whole world, if he wants, but why Eren Yeager began rumbling and can he stop them?

Eren began rumbling to take revenge on the Marley Empire, which he conspired against Eldians from paradise, plans to destroy the whole world.He has full control over titans and can stop rumbling at any time.

The rest of the article will discuss the events that led to rumble, the reason why Eren does not plan to stop the rumbling and why Zeke decided to cooperate with Eren to initiate the Euthanasia plan.Both Eren and Zeke played a role in the start of rumbling, and this article will discuss all the details.

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Did Eren start rumbling?

Eren began rumbling, invented a plan from Zeke to activate the power of the founding titan and execute the Euthanasia Plan of Eldian;However, he finally betrayed him and used the power of the founding titan to start rumbling.

Zeke had the impression that Eren follows his footsteps and that even if he decides to betray him, royal blood would give him control over the paths;However, despite the fact that Zeke had power in the world of paths, Eren was able to free himself from his handcuffs and order Ymir to activate rumbling.

He managed to demolish three walls and awakened thousands of colossal titans to start rumbling;However, he did not take control of the titan created by Zeke.

Does Eren stop the bang?

No, Eren does not stop the bang, tramples the Nation of the Marley and kills millions of people, including Eldian currently in Marley camps, will not stop until every enemy of Eldia is crushed.

He is fighting to protect his people, understands what people have been and how it has been for hundreds of years, the world will always look from above at Eldian and will treat them unfairly, and if he does not do what is necessary, the people he cares about,They will finally die.

His actions may seem exaggerated, but Eren has seen the past and the future, the world overseas is bad, they will never accept Eldian and always treat them unfairly, so the only way to achieve a real peace is to crush those who oppose them.

What is the Erena plan with rumbling?

Eren plans to destroy those who live outside the island of paradise, wants to annihilate anyone who consumes against them, and he will bring thousands of colossal titans and flatten the whole world under his feet, understands that the war between Eldia and other nations will never end, unlessEach party will be completely destroyed.

All this began when Marley sent candidates for warriors to regain the Titan of the founders, that day, when the colossal titanium broke the wall of Maria into pieces, and Eren lost his mother, he only reciprocates the pain he was asked.

Eren spent his whole life hating the Titans, the only thing he ever wanted was to fit every titan from the surface of the earth, as long as he understood the truth behind all this, he is ready to destroy the whole world, he knows that the war will never end, and heI don’t want to lose anyone close.

Why do ER PL need Zeke to rumble?

There are two things required to activate rumbling and taking control of mindless titans, Eren has the power of the Titan of the founders, which his father gave him;However, only a person with royal blood has power over titans.

So they both came up with a plan to combine their powers to take control of the Eldian Empire and Titans;Zeke was born and raised in Marley and he was always taught that the Eldians were the devil’s virtues and that the world would be better if they disappear.

His only goal was to use the power Titan founder to euthanasia the entire Eldian population so that they could free themselves from the weight and ultimately die in the room;However, Eren finally betrayed Zeke, lied to him about the acceptance of the euthanasia plan for Eldian and instead activated the rumble to eradicate those who want to hurt his people.

Zeke thought he was one step ahead.Eren, but Eren predicted everything from the very beginning, his desire for life and protection was much greater than Zeke’s hatred for himself and therefore he was able to overthrow Zeke in the world of paths.

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