Why did shinigami kill quincy in the bleach?

Quincy and Shinigami are two of the four main factions in the world of Tite Kubo bleach.And although they have the same purpose, which is to stop the Holl from harm, their view on this problem is completely different, which is why these two factions do not like each other so much.Centuries ago, the Shinigami was destroyed by Quincy because of their policy, and in this article we will explain why it happened and why these two groups are at war with each other.

Shinigami had to destroy almost all quincy, because their existence and their policy threatened the balance of the worlds.Quincy did not want to give up the total eradication of the Hollów, which would lead to a lack of balance in the number of souls and living, which in turn would lead to the collapse of the border between Soul Society and the world of people, so Shinigami had to eliminate them to save the world.

The rest of this article will be a story about two fighting pages of the last Bleach arch – the Quincy war.We will tell you all the known information about Shinigami and Quincy, as well as why both sides are with each other at war.Several spoilers are ahead of us, so be careful how you approach the article.

Why did Shinigami kill Quincy?

To understand the roots of this conflict, we must return to the basic elements of these two groups.Quincy are people with high spiritual pressure who have long learned to use the surrounding spiritual particles as a weapon to repel frequent Hollow attacks that were lured by their high reitsu.Unlike Shinigami, Quincy completely annihilates the empty, which, if it is excessively destroyed, disturbs the balance of souls in the world.

On the other hand, Shinigami are souls whose bodies have already died.Shinigami live in Soul Society and most people cannot see them, which is an advantage because they can freely wander the human world.Normal souls can only become shinigami if they undergo several tests and, among others, attend the academy, but in some cases it can be omitted.

Shinigami are called “balancer” because they supervise the balance of souls in Soul Society and the world of the living.This is an important function because the number of souls must be completely balanced to maintain stability between life and death.Therefore, they rarely destroy Holle;They cleanse them through consuō and this way they restore balance.

Now it is a fundamental difference between Quincy and Shinigami.They both strive for the same goal – to overcome the Hollows and ensure people’s safety – but their methods are radically different and have different consequences.This would not be a problem if the Quincy did not threaten the world their actions.But the problem with Quincy is that their leader, Yhwach, believes that life and death should be one and that there should be no difference between the world of the dead and the world of the living.

Yhwach believes that these two worlds should be one and that such an ideal world would free people from fear of death.That is why he hates the king of souls, who is in fact the creator of such a world and whose presence separates these two worlds.Now Yamamoto defeated Yhwach 1000 years ago, but he was unable to kill him, that’s why Mayuri Kurotsuchi broke him when they learned that some quincy were still alive (it happened when Ishida entered Soul Society from Ichigo to save Rukia).

Now this difference is a source of all problems between the two factions.Returning to history, the Shinigami tried to communicate with Quincy.There were numerous conversations between the two factions, but the quincy did not give way.It was an ideological question and while Shinigami tried to speak with them to explain that both worlds must be separated for their own safety, because the coexistence of life and death in one world was unnatural, Quincy simply did not share.their opinions.

Their ideology did not allow them to review the Shinigami arguments, and both sides could not reconcile.Shinigami did not want the Quincy to stop fighting the Hollows, they wanted them to stop killing them completely, but the Quincy did not want to do it, because – according to Yhwach’s teachings – it was natural.

In Soul Society there were endless debates, which lasted for a while, before the Shinigami finally decided to do what they did – they had to eliminate Quincy.Shinigami did not like it, far from this, it was a painful decision, but they thought she was necessary.Hidetomo Kajōmaru said that both sides were in such a war and that it was always a matter of perspective, not anything else.The main problem is that the Quincy did not want to change, while Shinigami knew that they simply could not do it, because it would lead to the fall of the worlds, i.e. the destruction of the existence we know.

Shinigami thought they destroyed the majority, if not all quincy.They knew that the Yhwach was still there, but they never knew that so many of them remained.Some Quincy, led by grandfather Ishida, wanted to accept the Shinigami;They wanted to find an intermediate path so that both factions could coexist in the room, but the quincy were always more radical than Shinigami, so complete reconciliation was not possible and therefore Sternritter attacked Shinigami with such strength after Yhwach’s attack.Resurrection.

Fortunately, the Quincy were finally defeated thanks to the help of Ichigo.Ichigo serves as a filter for all ideological views in history.Initially, he avoided conservative views of Shinigami and although he was a substitute shinigami, he rejected their stiffness and helped them change.He immediately rejected Aizen’s megalomania, despite everything he learned about himself, his family and his life.And eventually he rejected the radical views of Quincy, even though he was actually one of them thanks to his mother’s pedigree.That is why Ichigo’s role in history was so important from the very beginning.

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