Why Silent Hill F is in good hands from Ryukishi07

Why Silent Hill F is in good hands from Ryukishi07

Kara Dennison October 22, 2022

Let’s face the truth: it will never really end.But with new games

Silent Hill

We have at least something new to discuss at the horizon.Most interestingly, one of these games has a familiar name: Ryukishi07, Mind standing behind the multi -faceted series When They Cry.

The new game promises to be a Japanese spin in a series of games, set in the 1960s.And our trailer includes a range from quiet to the hideous.But we know from the writer’s achievements that Silent Hill F is in good hands.Just look at the similarities between these games and other large series Ryukishi07.


Nostalgia is a powerful tool in fiction.Properly made, it can cause varied feelings for the viewer, only using a specific musical signal or color of wallpaper.Badly done, it can divert attention from history.Achieving a balance between nostalgia and telling stories is a great deal for a series of games such as Silent Hill, whose stories delve into the past and memories of their heroes.In particular, this game, as a song from the era, will have to hit this chord.

Both Higurashi and Umineko took place in the 1980s.Although we get this reminder, history is not overloaded with a period of time.Especially in the case of Higurashi, the aspect of nostalgia has more in common with the period of its own life – school days.We hope to see the same happy medium.

Sudden darkness

You can often see anime, manga and games with a charming graphic style, which suddenly turns into horror and gore.But especially Higurashi is famous for this.After a few days of innocent school fun with a small supernatural discussion on the side, the mood takes on a full slasher.Needles in baking, cracking with fingers in the door, students with knives … You know.And Silent Hill as a series develops, introducing terrifying places in unexpected places.

Our trailer gives us a hint that this next game will not be different.

See for yourself if you dare

.This mixture of strange beauty, cutting (or maybe sliding) gruesomely to gore, seems suitable for money.

More to discover

Modern video games in general, and Silent Hill in particular, we invite you to delve into their worlds.Ryukishi07 is also great in this, as his fans know.The story of Umineko When They Cry opens a surprisingly meta thread that has leaked to the world of Higurashi since then.

Although we expect Silent Hill F not to go into exactly the same set of tools as When They Cry, at least we know that the writer at the rudder knows a multi -faceted puzzle.And we can’t wait to collect fragments of this new story.

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