Will Naruto die in Boruto?Everything you need to know and more!

The death of Kurama caused the question whether Naruto would die in Boruto?However, the manga and the anime series around the key character are still ongoing.There is no trace of the end of such an important character in the anime.But there are a few things that fans must consider before they come to the conclusions of Naruto mortality.

The following article will discuss the possibility of Naruto’s death in the series.What’s more, it will also examine the probable cause of Naruto’s death in the Anime series.This character is so popular among fans that she even followed the main character of the Next Generation series.Familiarize yourself with the article below to learn all the facts about the possibilities of the death of Naruto!

Will Naruto die in Boruto?

The most basic question after the death of a creation about nine tails is whether Naruto dies in Boruto?Boruto?However, it is not possible to end the main character in the near future.What’s more, the Boruto series is still on the pillar of the seventh Hokage.Naruto is still of great importance in the village of the leaf, despite the fact that the anime concerns the next generation Naruto.

In addition, the Manga Boruto series is continued with the character of Naruto.The seventh Hokage is quite healthy and healthy in the manga.It seems that the character may not die until the full development of Boruto as Shinobi.Therefore, fans may be relieved that the character will not die in the near future, neither in the manga or in the series.

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How will Naruto die?

Fans speculate that Naruto may never die in the series.However, this is not possible because Naruto is a mortal.What’s more, the reason for the living status of the character is the development of Boruto.So Naruto will die of old age in manga and anime.But the death of the character because of any attack is not possible.

Naruto may be hurt or will lose consciousness in the series.But Boruto will always be there to stand and take revenge for his father.So the probability of Naruto’s death is not close.However, this is also not inevitable and will definitely happen in the future.Therefore, fans should enjoy the presence of the character on the screen, as long as she is present in front of them.

Will Naruto die in Boruto?Application!

The conclusion is positive when the Naruto will die in Boruto?The main character will end his mortality with the arrival of death.However, such traumatic incidents will not take place in the near future.What’s more, the character still has a long way to go.It is best for the fans to sit and enjoy the manga and the anime from the Next Generation series!