Will Naruto’s original anime have a remake?

Naruto’s most beloved anime is now celebrating the 20th anniversary of a total of 220 episodes.It was the most beloved program among anime fans, although there are several curious fans who are wondering if there may be any news about the continuation of the Super Anime Dragon Ball after the only Naruto superhero.

Fans desperately need a fresh live action from this manga adaptation and they hope that there will soon be some news that will dispel the secret of the remake.

From the creators’ desk

The main creator of Naruto’s plot is Masashi Kishimoto, and Naruto has become the most successful series in the world of anime.The journey of the Naruto series initially began in the form of the best -selling Manga Shonen.

Naruto freed full power.

Like other infamous titles, the Manga series was served in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1999-2014.Anime took over the world with a cyclone when it began to be broadcast from the beginning of 2007 to the end of 2022, while the Naruto sequel: Shippuden lasted from the beginning of 2007 to 2017.

Both original anime series were animated and produced by the same studio Pierrot, which is a well -known animation studio, which also worked on several infamous titles in the industry, such as Bleach & Black Clover and Yu Yu Hakusho.

Naruto, with other characters

Although the original Manga Etup Naruto flourished because it has sold over 250 million copies around the world, the anime series is still a classic among many fans.The Naruto anime series has become a universal cultural phenomenon for those willing Otaku from around the world, arousing a mass number of enthusiasts of all anime alternatives.

Several anime titles were as convincing and popular as Naruto, who is currently observed as one of the three best.Together with many other manga, which have been converted into anime, Naruto helped Japanese anime productions reach Western recipients thanks to the phenomenal success.

Naruto with Sakura and Sasuke

Without any official confirmation from the creators, it seems that we have to wait a bit before Naruto receives some Dragon Ball treatment with: Kai in the form of a complete remake of this favorite by fans of the series.

Naruto Sequel Borutuo is still in active creation and is constantly publishing new episodes so that fans can look into the weekly episodes of Boruto for now.The series of our infamous Naruto ended a long time ago, followed by the Boruto sequel: Naruto Next Generations, which is also a canonical continuation of the whole narrative of Naruto.

Sasuke defending the author of Naruto: (official Naruto website)

To celebrate the good old times and the adventurous journey of the iconic Anime Studio Pierrot decided to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Naruto, especially on the day on which the first episode in history was broadcast on Tokyo television.

This anniversary brings much more exciting surprises for long -time fans, including a fascinating clue about many upcoming projects.The official website of Naruto, which was established in cooperation with Bandai Namco Entertainment, opened its door on October 3, and with it a statement of Kishimoto himself appeared.

The statement was:

20th Anime anniversary !!Sending everyone “Thank you!”Through the shadow maple of multi jutsu !!!This is the 20th anniversary of the Anime Naruto!On this occasion, the “Naruto official website” is now open not only to Japan, but also to other countries around the world so that everyone can enjoy it!Because this is a big jubilee year, there are plenty of projects planned, so visit this website to get exciting information!I hope everyone is waiting for it!

The next ray of hope is a 10-minute clip, which presents key moments from the series, which is recreated with an amazing modern animation consisting of Naruto and Naruto themed songs: Shippuden.

Naruto protecting Sasuke

The history of the anime begins with Naruto fighting as an orphan in Konohagakure Shinobi Village, after which the video almost immediately begins to emphasize the most famous element of the whole series, the complex relationship between Naruto and Sasuke was shown.

The complicated but fascinating dynamics of Naruto and Sasuke is presented using the numerous key moments of the Anime series, although they are summarized well in the music video.Some of these moments include the fight Naruto and Sasuke with Zabuza, the first clash of their idol in the Valley of the end, as well as the legendary final clash between Naruto and Sasuke, which took place at the end of the series.

The clip shows the death of Jiraya, the pain and destruction, which accompanies Konoha along with his fight with Naruto, which occurs after a while, when Naruto finally becomes the hero of his village.Although there is nothing new, the clip does not change any story of the original series.

Not every day, die -hard -free anime fans receive such treats from their creators of the series, as well as such amazing and flawless production, which reflects everything that confirms the interest of fans and shows what everyone likes in Naruto.With absolutely stunning paintings and animations.

Sasuke is at its best

Thanks to the nostalgic, moody music and mention of the origin of the series, this remake Naruto is probably the best best gift for an anniversary that fans could ask for.

Messages we received in connection with the remake

There are many fans who expect a remake from the creators and are under the illusion that production is in the process of an official remake of the Naruto anime series.It was believed because the site recently published wonderful photos of the main characters of Naruto and several important canonical events, but with some serious differences.

Naruto family city

It was clear that animations and paintings were recently created and were not taken from any previous episodes.This was the case with Dragon Ball Kai, which was released during one of the Dragon Ball anniversary celebrations.However, Dragon Ball Kai differed slightly from the classic plot of Dragon Ball Z.

The first anime series was broadcast from October 2002 to February 2007, while the continuation of Naruto: Shippuden was broadcast from February 2007 to March 2017, both anime was produced by the Pierrot studio, which also took part in creating other successful anime, such as Bleach, Yu YuHakusho and his recent Black Clover edition.

Manga, from which the entire Naruto series was adapted, was created in 1999-2014 by Masashi Kishimoto, which sold about 250 million copies and was later published by Weekly Shonen Jump.

Naruto: Explanted

The series presents the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a young Ninja who is looking for popularity in his peers and plans to become the leader of his village, also called Hokage.The story is divided into two parts.The first part presents the teenage years of Naruto, and the second presents his teenage years.

The anime series is based on the Kishimoto Karakuri manga from 1995, which brought him an honorable distinction in the monthly Shueisha awards in the Hop Step competition next year, as well as for Naruto in 1997. Manga issued 220 episodes in Japan in 2002-2007.

The English version of the series with dubbing was broadcast at Cartoon Network and YTV in 2005-2009.In 2007, the sequel Naruto Shippuden premiered in Japan and ended in 2017 after issuing 500 episodes.

The English dubbing version of the sequel was broadcast on Disney XD in 2009-2011.The first 98 episodes were broadcast, and then switched to Adult Swim toons, programming his block in January 2014, starting from the first episode.

Dark Sasuke mode

Pl Glish dubbing of the version can be seen every week in Adult Swim to this day.VIZ Media began the broadcast of this anime series on its own streaming platform called Neon Alley in December 2012 with 99 episodes and ended in March 2016 after 338 episodes.

Studio Pierrot also developed eleven films, twelve animations and other Naruto goods, including Light novels, collector cards developed by many companies and video games.

Naruto video games were released on Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, most of which are battle games in which the participant controls one of each character from Naruto.The purpose of such games is to reduce the opponent’s health to zero using some special techniques that they use in the anime Naruto and Manga.


Naruto was the first game about Naruto: Konoha Ninpocho, which was released on March 27, 2003 for the Wonderswan Color in Japan.Although most of the games were released in Japan, the first game that broke the borders, outside Japan was Naruto: Saikyou Ninja Daikesshu and Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen, which was published in North America under Naruto titles: Ninja Council and Naruto: Clash of Ninja.

In March 2021, Namco Bandai announced that Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Series sold 20.8 million copies around the world.