Xbox Game Pass on PS5 and PS4?Sony made a choice

Xbox Game Pass on PS5 and PS4?This is not impossible.Microsoft would offer his subscription service to his competitor.We will help you guess his answer.

Xbox Game Pass is here, it is everywhere.On consoles, TVs, telephones, and soon also on VR goggles.And Microsoft’s flagship service could also settle in their great rivals: PS5 and PS4.

Xbox Game Pass on PS5?It could have been

The public war between Sony and Microsoft allows us to gather some interesting information.For several months, two market giants have been riding there to defend their point of view to take over Activision-Blizzard and the potential exclusivity of Call of Duty on Xbox.Recently, the British regulator shared the fears of the Xbox Game Pass, which according to him can be anti -competitive.Microsoft openly defended himself in this matter and would even throw his competitor.

The green sign actually suggests that Sony was contacted to offer Xbox Game Pass on PS5 and PS4.A thing that Sony would choose to block, to protect their revenues from the sale of newly published games, instead of offering premium players to access them via PS Plus subscription.PlayStation several times definitely opposed the idea of releasing its own exclusive products on PS Plus Extra as soon as they are launched.The company from Redmond explains that if the Japanese publisher authorized its service on PlayStation consoles, players on these platforms would have access to Call of Duty, even in the case of exclusivity.

An argument, which of course can bring a smile to the face, both sides do not lack imagination to try to convince the right organs.The latter seem to be divided on this subject.Brazil openly stands on the side of Microsoft, reminding that its role is to defend the interests of consumers, not competitors, while England is concerned about the impact of taking Activision-Blizzard on PlayStation.