Xbox Game Pass: You can also play VR games

The Xbox Game Pass is still developing and the new partnership introduces a service for virtual reality.Explains.

The speech of Meta’s Connect was an opportunity for the company (Facebook for veterans) to present your plans for the future, including the Xbox partnership as part of Game Pass.Because yes, Microsoft wants his service to be available everywhere.Something like Bethesda with Skyrim.

In this way, satya nadella, general director of Microsoft, personally announced that

E Game Pass will be integrated with the Meta Quest headphone sets, and more precisely the part about cloud games.

So after integrating our smartphones, tablets, computers, consoles and TVs with Internet access

Game Pass will be offered directly in the Meta Quest store.Of course, this information must be measured, because this absolutely does not mean that the games with Xbox Game Pass will suddenly turn into VR.First of all, it will be a matter of playing in cinema mode.

In addition, not all XGP games are compatible with cloud games, and you still have to have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for 12.99 euros per month.Good news that still has its limitations.

The XCloud Gaming box allows streaming hundreds of high -quality games to various devices, including the Meta Quest 2 in the future

For now, neither Microsoft nor the finish have announced the release date of all this.

Think about adding a service from Microsoft to Meta helmets?