Xbox series: New completely moon controller

Retreteers from the Xbox series, remove the credit card.Microsoft presents a new color that will send you into space for EUR 64.99.Cheaper than in the case of SpaceX, but also completely different.

The Microsoft accessories department has been operating at full speed for years.And this is not the end with this new Xbox Series controller.

Expedition to the moon with the Xbox Series controller

No, you won’t go into space for 64.99 euros, but on the other hand it can leave with a small piece of the moon at home.Microsoft has announced the new Xbox Series Lunar Shift controller and its silver-gold color, which imitates the color of a full satellite.

Enlarge the surreal world with a special edition of the Lunar Shift Xbox Wireless wireless controller with a shimmering silver-golden effect and spinning gray-black rubberized handles.Improved for convenience thanks to the textured surface on the trigger at the rear of the controller.

Is there anything new?No, unlike the Xbox Series Elite Series 2 Core, it is simply a change in color, such as the limited edition of Captain America.

The ordinary ones are therefore well known with this controller Lunar Shift.It has a textured surface on the edges of the knobs and handles for greater comfort.And although it is a model from the Xbox series, it can be used on Series X | S, One, Windows PC, Android and iOS with easy switching between devices.Two AA batteries in the middle promise up to 40 hours of battery.