Yama No Susume The next section of the summit 2: Encouragement to climb!The release date and more!

Climbing girls climb to the next mountain in episode 2 Yama No Susume Next Summit.The previous episode began with the introduction of the main character, Aoi Yukimura.However, history introduced other characters as progressed, such as Hinata, Kaede and Kokon.What’s more, all four girls also took part in their first picnic on the river.

The upcoming anime episode will contain other girls’ acrobatics.It seems that they will try to climb to their first mountain in the Anime series.In addition, new experiences with new colleagues will appear.But it will not be that simple, because professional climbing requires advanced training.Read the article below to learn more about the upcoming episode!

Yama No Susume Next Summit Episode 2: Encouragement to climb!

AOI will receive an incentive to climb in episode 2 of the next Yama No Susume summit.Kaede motivated Aoi that she could see the Milky Way in the night sky if she climbed the high mountain.However, Aoi couldn’t believe it because she thought it was something for adults.But Kaede said then that she was always like any other thing.She should try even though she is afraid.

Most likely, the shy Aoi climbs upstairs with Kokona and Hinata.However, Kaede will be with them all to lead them throughout the expedition.So it would be quite funny when the main characters of the anime learn activities that a tourist and climber must perform.Fans desperately want to get a mountain that girls will climb.

Quick summary of the previous episode!

The second episode of Yama No Susume Next Summit began with the introduction of AOI in junior high school.However, Aoi just graduated from high school and got to high school.But the girl learns that her childhood friend, Hinata, was also in the classroom.They both remembered the promise to climb upstairs.Aoi felt a bit uncomfortable, but he finally understood everything.

Anime introduced the figure of Kaede Saito in history during a visit to the store.Then Aoi and Hinata followed the mountain trail.However, they met a different figure of Kokona here.Finally, it turns out that four girls went to the picnic to survive the campsite.However, it was there at night when Kaede motivated Aoi.

Yama No Susume Next Summit Episode 2: release date

Yama No Susume The next episode 2 at the top will be released on October 11, 2022.The premiere episode of the anime was a fast journey, which almost included two episodes in one cycle.It seems that the creators are in the mood for quick packaging of things.Don’t forget to visit The anime Daily again for more information!