Yanis Marshall (Star Academy) very closely known actress from Gray’s Anatomy

Yanis Marshall is one of the new trainers of Star Academy.The dance teacher knows the famous actress from Gray’s Anatomy very well.

Last week, thirteen new students joined Star Academy 2022. The most famous TF1 singing competition returned twenty years after its premiere.This season, new teachers will help young singers for several weeks in improving themselves.This year, the faculty is created by Laure Balon, Adeline Toniutti, Pierre de Brauer and Yanis Marshall.The latter is a dance teacher for new students of the Star Academy.Yanis Marshall is

A great dancer and choreographer


From the beginning of the performance, Yanis Marshall set the bar to young singers.He would even have a dispute with the program candidate.This colorful character, however, does not intend to be stepped on.For her very charismatic and nice smile, Yanis Marshall can be

someone very harsh

.One day the choreographer also made a good impression on the famous actress from the series Gray’s Anatomy.

Yanis Marshall knows Ellen Pompeo well

Thanks to his career, the new Star Academy dance teacher had the opportunity to meet great stars.On your Instagram account

Yanis Marshall

It appears especially close to Bob Sinclar and even Divy Mariah Carey.The choreographer knows beautiful people.What’s more,

Ellen Pompeo has already met

, an American actress who plays Meredith Gray in the Gray’s Anatomy series.Over the years, the dancer and star made friends.Ellen Pompeo spotted a young man a few years ago, when he took part in the British version of France, he has amazing talent.The choreographer then reached the final.Her performance impressed many stars, including actress Gray’s Anatomy.The latter even proposed to launch its own reality show television program.A project, which unfortunately did not come to fruition.However, Yanis Marshall won a beautiful friendship.