{Yes: op.} Destiny season 2 release date: extended or canceled?

{tát: op.} is a cross-media project focusing on classical music.It is currently available on three platforms: a mobile game as {tát: op.The name {tát: op.} Destiny by Mapp and Madhouse, which was broadcast between October 6, 2021 and December 22, 2021, and adaptation of anime under the same title.The first season had its premiere only recently and in this article we will tell you whether you can expect the second season in the near future {tát: op.} Destiny.

Second season

{tát: op.} destiny

It has still not yet been confirmed or canceled.First season

It was only broadcast last year, and {tát: op.} Destiny is the original series of anime, the future is quite uncertain, because we do not know if there is more material to work.Having said all this, {tát: op.}


He was a popular series that was talked about

And based on all known facts, the second season is not impossible.We just don’t know when it can happen.

The rest of this article will provide you with all known and unknown information related to the potential season 2 {tát: op.} Destiny.You will learn about his potential release date whether there is a trailer, which can be history and much more about this exciting series of anime, whose future is still a bit uncertain.

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What do we know about season 2 {tát: op.} Destiny?

On March 26, 2021, Bandai Namco Arts and Dena announced {tát: op.} Project containing a mobile game called {tát: op., but ultimately it was moved to 2023. The designs of the character were taken care of by the artist Lam, while Yish was responsible for the concept graphics of the sets.

Hirofumi Kurita, a conductor, advised on musical search, and Marases worked on the project as the main pianist.The planned anime of the project, entitled {tát: op.} Destiny, was announced on June 26, 2021.The series was animated by Mappa Studios and Madhouse and directed by Yūki Itō, with Kiyoko Yoshimura as a screenwriter.Lam received the task of designing the character, Reiko Nagasawa adapted them to anime, and Yoshiriro Ike composed music for the series.

The series broadcast from October 6, 2021 and 22 December 2021 on TV Tokyo, BS TV Tokyo and on the MediaLink platform in Japan.In Europe and the Americas, the series was broadcast on Crunchyroll in Simulcast mode.Ryo, Mafumaf and Gaku from Supercell made the initial subtitles entitled “Take”, and Mika Nakashima made final inscriptions entitled “Symphonia”.What does this tell us?Not much.The series was quite popular, but this information – and that’s all we have – does not tell us much about the future of the series, which is Bummer.

As you can see, the future of the anime {tát: op.} Destiny is quite uncertain, but not because there is no interest.The series was quite popular and you just need to check if interest in continuation is enough to properly predict the potential continuation of the series.The first season received solid reviews, but we just don’t know enough to predict the future of the series.

In any case, we can see the potential second season at the end of 2023, but we would have to get some confirmation of the future in 2022 or easily in 2023;2024 is an even greater chance.Fans demand a new season, but we just need to see how it will go;In the current state of affairs, the cancellation has not been confirmed, but we can not rule it out either.

What could be the plot {tát: op.} Destiny Season 2?

At the moment we have no idea about the content of the potential second season {tát: op.} Destiny.Why?Well, as we have already said, {tát: op.} Destiny is an original anime series and therefore is not based on any previously published material.This means that the only source of the story is the anime series, so we have nothing to work on.That is why we can only present a summary of the first season to roughly prepare you for what you can expect from the potential second season.

The action takes place in 2047 in a world where music cannot be freely practiced, because it attracts monsters called “D2”.These monsters appeared on the ground as a result of a meteorite hit years ago.They are attracted by the music they hate and intend to destroy all musical sources.Girls named “Musicarts” appeared to fight D2, drawing their power from music and led by people called “Conductors”.

What could be the cast {tát: op.} Destiny Season 2?

It is still too early to discuss the potential second season {tát: op.} Purpose in terms of cast and character, simply because we do not know if there will be a second season at all.But seeing how we know that the series will have more or less a constant cast, we really do not expect too many changes in the structure of the second season, if it ever happens.Now the main characters that appeared in the first season will probably return in the second season, these are:

Asahina’s tact

Japanese voice: Kōki Uchiyama

He is a conductor who concludes a contract with a music artist named Destiny after losing his friend Cosette Schneider.At first glance, it seems lazy and harsh, but he is a big fan of music and has unique piano skills.Her father was Kenji Asahin, the famous conductor killed 10 years ago by D2.The right hand of the tact has the ability to transform into a conductor to instruct Destiny to fight D2.

Destiny/Cosette Schneider

Japanese voice: Shion Wakayama

She was born from the fifth Symphony of C minor Beethoven called the Symphony of Destiny.She was once a man named Cosette Schneider, Anna’s younger sister.He takes Cosette’s body after his death after her death, protecting them from D2, but does not retain any memories.She discovers that she is associated with the tact that becomes her driver.Due to its abnormal musicart process, Destiny is considered unstable and consumes a large amount of energy to fight D2 and must use a lot of calories to charge, and especially attract sweets and cakes.


Japanese voice: Sumire Uesaka

She is an independent and independent music artist.She was born from Wagner’s walking, and her basic weapon is a sword and a shield, which she can throw like a disk.

Anna Schneider

Japanese voice: Kaede Hondo

She is a childhood tact friend and older sister Cosette.When the latter is dead and Destiny takes her body, takes her and tact on a journey to New York, trying to cure her unstable state and repercussions for her friend.


Japanese voice: Satoshi Hino

He is the conductor of New York Symphonica.He travels by a motorcycle with his Musicart Titan.He will help the tactor who became a driver in training him.


Japanese voice: Miku Itō

This is a musical art born from the 1st Symphony of D-Dur Mahler called Titan.He travels with his feudal driver.She has a girlish appearance and at first glance she is carefree, but sometimes it turns out to be serious.


Japanese voice: Inori Minase

This is a musical art belonging to New York Symphonica.His conductor is the Great Maestro Sagan.He holds an umbrella -shaped weapon, which can be used as a shield or as a firearm, which can cause powerful explosions on its enemies.


Japanese voice: Reina Ueda

This is New York Symphonica Musicart responsible for protecting Schindler.He uses a tuninge that can emit sound that gives it the ability to control D2.He fights mainly with the feet, which he can transform into rotating disks.


Japanese voice: Daisuke Namikawa

He is a conductor and former commander -in -chief of New York Symphonica conducted by the Great Maestro Sagan.He doesn’t like music because he refers to emotions and realizes his own plans that can oppose Sagan to gain power.


Japanese voice: Eiji Hanawa

He is a conductor who heads New York Symphonica, an organization whose goal is to destroy D2 as a great maestro.

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