“You know nothing about my life”: in tears Sarah Fraisou empties his bag on Instagram

Sarah Fraisou has just provided a very disturbing message on social networks.A young woman burst into tears and confides.

A nice brunette is a great head of reality TV.Sarah Fraisou is famous for its fiery temperament.During her adventures, she did not hesitate to collide with some candidates.In addition to filming, beauty often causes noise on social networks.Very active on the web, she is followed by over two million subscribers on Instagram.This young woman is also known as

Queen of mistakes

.Some of the products have already caused controversy.

A few days ago

Sarah Fraisou

For the fourth time she married her partner Mehdie.Indeed, beauty has already had many love failures in her life.Internet users often make fun of her love history.Sarah Fraisou has been repeatedly criticized in social networks by her critics for her figure or some behaviors.Like many influential people, a nice brunette receives hateful news every day on social networks.She divided last night

very disturbing news

on Snapchat.

Sarah Fraisou on the verge of depression?

In it history, beauty first explained that she does not feel good and that she must withdraw a bit from the social networks.Then Sarah Fraisou shared her photo with tears in her eyes and wrote: “Crying is not a weakness, you are simply a man with feelings, emotions and a heart that allows you to free your pressure before you explode.Don’t worry, it’s just everyday pressure that falls in bed at night.Even more so when I’m home alone and my husband is far away.But it will pass.You don’t know anything about my life and I swear that I don’t know where I still find

Strength to fight

… “.We hope that a young woman will feel better in the coming days.