Young ladies don’t play combat games.Manga is also mentioned in the Live-Action Show

Manga is also working on the anime project

Manga is also an anime inspiration.

Seven Seas gives the manga in English and describes this story:

Kuromi Girls’academy is a sophisticated, elegant school that expects her young women the best of behavior. Aya got to this unparalleled institution for rich girls on a scholarship and hopes that she will be as beautiful as her friend and idolShirayui.But Shirayui hides a terrible secret: he is a talking trash, soothing combinations, walking on novices, ruthless and hardcore game!Can mutual indulgence in the fight in video games without any restrictions turn into a deeper relationship between these two girls?

Seven Seas will publish the fourth volume of Manga on November 22.



Mangi in the Monthly Comic Flapp Kadokawa magazine in January 2020.The fifth volume published on Friday.

Source: Twitter Kikuyi Sendai