Yuri ASMR and Yuri Comedy Impressions

I watch both anime on the side, but none of them has the right material to work in a weekly episodic format.Instead, I decided that people know what to expect from them, based on my impressions.In short, both are solid, but I can’t do them every week.Most likely at the end of the season they will get Yuri Quickies.

Let’s start with the premiere of the Yuri ASMR short show.Anime is called Japanese ”

Aru asa dummy head mike natte ita ore-kun no jinsei


It looks like a decent starter before the main course, i.e. the second season.



There is another girl, but I will wait and see what she really meant when time comes.

As I said, both are so far solid programs, but none of them has the right material to describe every week.