Zakaki-chan wants to meet episode 15: School festival!Date of release and chart

Festivals are one of the most -used aime story tools.Each story at high school or at the university must have an episode that shows a trip to the festivals.From good food to funny games, you can see everything in history.But the only thing we don’t see is a visit.There will be a lot of discussions before students finally decide to visit.Not devoting much time, here is everything you need to know about the episode, Zakaki-chan wants to meet, episode 15.

A lot of chaos will be happening in the story below.Some members of the group would like to join the festival, and the rest will refuse.In this case, belief in the second will be hard work!

Uzaki-chan wants to meet episode 15: What will happen next?

The title of the next episode Zakaki-chan is “Does Zakak want to go to the school festival”.In the next story there will be a lot of chaos at the party.All students will receive information that the school festival is already underway.However, before each student will be able to agree to participate in the event, there will be a great discussion.

It will be interesting to see what is happening at the festival.From games to stalls to all kinds of presentations, there will be everything at the festival.Zakaki-chan Wants to Hang Out Episode 15 will look at what makes this group joy.Everyone deals with one activity.But Zaki may have completely different plans, even this time.

Summary of the previous episode!

The Uzaki-chan title wants Hang Out Episode 14 was “I want to make a udon after we meet!”The episode began with the fact that Sakaki showed photos of Shinichi and Hanna on the same bed.But there was nothing particularly bad in this scene.They just fell asleep after a long day.Every day everyone met again.And that’s why they decided to play Futsal together.

At home there was a plan that they were going to cook Udone.But none of them knew exactly how to do it.So Tsuki taught Shinichi how to do it.Starting from chopping pasta to cooking foam, they did everything together.The episode came to an end when Kiri was excited about the taste of Udon.Ultimately, the plan was very successful.

Uzaki-chan wants to meet, episode 15: release date

Over the next two days, all Uzaki’s plans will appear on the table.From new meetings to the school festival, everything will develop this week.So Zakaki-chan Wants to Hang Out Episode 15 will be released on October 15, 2022.Fans will be able to see all the anime episodes only on the official pages of Crunchyroll.Finally, follow The anime Daily to get all the information here only here!