Zelda Wiki is disconnected from the Fandom, Inc.

The editor -in -chief says that movement towards independence is a reaction to “recent redemption and dubious fandom staffing decisions”

The editor -in -chief of the site wrote that the Wiki mission was to be “editorial, they believe that” these ideals are incompatible with the fandom. “Movement for independence is a reaction to “recent purchase by fandom and dubious staff decisions”.The editor -in -chief called other wiki communities hosted as part of the fandom to make the same decision, and those who are currently employed in the fandom so that they “unite while you can still”.

Zelda Wiki supports Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance (Niwa) and Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance (Seiwa), which are networks of independent Wiki fans.Other independently run wiki in the Niwa network is Mario Wiki, Bulbapedia (for the Pokémon series) and Super Smash Bros.Wiki.

The website Zelda Wiki hosted by fandom is still online, but the updates are expected to focus on the Zeldapedia platform. Wiki.

Fandom is a Wiki hosting platform, focusing on pop culture and fans’ activities.He was known as Wikia before October 2016. The company helped organize the Twitch of the United States Navy last year.October 3 Fandom


That he purchased Comic Vine, Cord Cutters News, Gamefaqs, GameSpot, Giant Bomb, Metacritic and TV Guide from the Red Ventures media company.

Source: Twitter Zelda Wiki