“Zuihou de Zhaohuan Shi” announces the Japanese Dub Cast for the winter 2023

The official Japanese website of Zuihou de Zhaohuan Shi (last recipient) “Target =” _ Blank “> revealed the main cast, cast, theme song, promo teaser and key visual (in the photo) for the Japanese Dub on Thursday.Dub, entitled Saigo No Shoukanshi, is to premiere in January 2023 in the FOD FUJI TV service.


Ah Jie: Nobuhiko Okamoto (Boku no Hero Acadekaren)

Big: ATSUMI TANEZAKS (Spy X Family))


Production: Happinet Phantom Studio, Fuji TV

Manufacturer: Ayana Kawans, Lin Ruxuan, Masahito Nakatomi (assistant to the bartender manufacturer)

Sound director: Yayoi Tateishi (Isekai Yakkyoku)

Sound production: Bit Grooove promotion

Translation: Yukari Honjou, Green Light LLC

Nightmare (death note) and


They make the “with” opening motif and the end motif of “Gunjou”.

Anime is adapted by Manhua Fantasy ASK Studio, which began to publish in January 2016. The original Anime Adaptation by ASK Animation Studio premiered this spring in 12 episodes.


The meeting of a talented young chef with a hungry girl who appeared in his kitchen, forever changes his ordinary life. Dora, a cited spirit and a really charming goddess, now calls him a master.However, he is not interested and tries everything he can to escape from the ghostly character.Fate wanted that when he accidentally becomes a recipient, there is no turning back in life.(Source: MU)


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